Dane Creek Capital Corp. announces its second investment in Nova Scotia-based cricket producer Midgard Insect Farm Inc.

Funds to fuel expanded research into sustainable insect proteins for the agricultural sector including feed and fertilizer MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – Jan. 15, 2018. Dane Creek Capital Corp. (“DCCC”), has announced it has completed its third round of financing for Midgard Insect Farms Inc. (“Midgard” or the “Company”) taking its stake from 65% to 80%. Further […]

The race to feed insects to livestock, pets and people

But can the ‘yuck factor’ be overcome to vault insect farming out of the land of the niche? By Mary Baxter For Jarrod Goldin, a report about edible insects four years ago had the perspective-altering impact equivalent to Neil Armstrong first setting foot on the moon. A 2013 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United […]