United Raw Pet Foods Announces Permanent Pay Increases for Employees of its Four Frozen Raw Pet Food Manufacturing Facilities in Canada





MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, April 2nd, 2020.

Majority-owned subsidiary of Dane Creek Capital Corp. (‘Dane Creek’) looks to reward employees on the front lines of its operations during the current pandemic.

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – April 2, 2020. United Raw Pet Foods Inc. (‘United Raw’ or ‘the Company’) announced today that it has granted pay increases to both its hourly and salaried staff at each of its four frozen raw pet food manufacturing facilities in Canada. Hourly staff have been granted a 10% increase in pay, while salaried staff have been granted a 5% increase. These pay increases are permanent. United Raw operates the largest group of frozen raw pet food manufacturing facilities in Canada with locations in Edmonton, Alberta; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; St. Thomas Ontario; and Kemptville, Ontario.

‘This announcement is in recognition of the outstanding efforts our manufacturing teams have made during these trying times’ said Mark Warren, Chairman & CEO of Dane Creek. ‘While many of our employees across our group of companies either have been forced or advised to work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our manufacturing operations have relied on the steadfast commitment of those employees who make our ten brands of raw pet food for pet owners across Canada’.

United Raw is 70% owned by Dane Creek, the ‘pet industry’s merchant bank’, and 30% owned by shareholders of Dane Creek. United Raw owns the largest family of frozen raw pet food brands in Canada including well-recognized brands such as Naturawls, Tollden Farms, Mountain Dog, Pets4Life, Spring Meadows and Quest. Last week Dane Creek announced the acquisition of Tollden Farms Inc, its fifth acquisition of a frozen raw pet food manufacturer in Canada since 2017. One or more of these brands can be found at most pet specialty retailers across Canada.

‘When it comes to our manufacturing team, their health and safety is of paramount importance’ said Brett Flahr, VP of Manufacturing for Dane Creek. ‘Over the first quarter of 2020, we saw unprecedented demand for raw food from pet owners not only switching from kibble to raw feeding regimens but also from existing customers wishing to stock up as advised by their respective provincial government officials. Our manufacturing team feels obliged to ensure pet owners have the pet foods they need during these challenging times, which is evidenced by their dedication. In turn, we are obliged to look after our team’.

Dane Creek believes the growth in what many are now calling the ‘stay-at-home economy’ will be a net positive for the pet industry as more and more homeowners look to add dogs and cats to their families. As reported by Harvard Medical School, ‘dogs’ calming effect on humans appears to help people handle stress’. Harvard’s research shows that dog ownership in particular reduces cardiovascular reactivity during challenging times. Spending on pets over the past several years has been on a steady upward trend and is expected to continue.

‘In these troubling economic times and with many now working from home, we expect pet ownership to increase significantly which will benefit the long-term secular growth trajectory for the pet industry as a whole’ added Mr. Warren.


About Dane Creek Capital Corp.

Dane Creek Capital Corp. is a privately held Canadian merchant banking venture dedicated to the pet industry. With over 30 years of experience in the pet industry and an extensive network of industry professionals, we offer valuable financial and management support to up-and-coming companies in the companion animal sector through selective, strategic investments. Our investment horizon is long-term taking into account current trends and changes in pet owner demographics with a current focus on opportunities in sustainable and raw pet food products, pet supplements and nutraceuticals, alternative models for veterinary care, pet insurance and biotechnology.

About United Raw Pet Foods Inc.

United Raw Pet Foods Inc. is a privately held leading Canadian manufacturer of frozen raw pet foods. United Raw’s portfolio represents the largest family of frozen raw pet food brands in Canada, with its ten brands manufactured by a network of four manufacturing facilities located in Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan and distributed nationally. United Raw’s brands can be found in most pet specialty stores in Canada. United Raw is 70% owned by Dane Creek and 30% owned by Dane Creek shareholders.

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