Dockside Pet Products and Services Inc. forms partnership with Perennia for the research and development of planet friendly pet food products

Nova Scotia-based food sector development corporation helps develop pet treats, meal mixers, and meal toppers from rescued fresh food and sustainable ingredients

Chester Basin, Nova Scotia – November 10, 2016.  Dockside Pet Products and Services Inc. (‘Dockside’), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dane Creek Capital Corp., is pleased to announce it has partnered with the Nova Scotia-based food sector development corporation Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. for the purpose of conducting research into and creating pet food products using local ingredients from rescued fresh food and sustainable sources.

To date, the partnership has resulted in the creation of Dockside’s first generation of pet treats, meal mixers, and meal toppers developed by the team of specialists at Perennia’s Innovation Centre using wild-caught capelin, farmed crickets, Atlantic lobster shell, and ‘waste’ cauliflower and blueberries.  Each ingredient was specifically chosen for its high nutritional value but also with a goal toward environmental sustainability by targeting fresh foods that are typically wasted, like male capelin which has limited market value or the nearly 50 percent of cauliflower crops unmarketable to retail markets for cosmetic reasons.

To facilitate close collaboration between the two entities, Dockside will be leasing approximately 2,100 square feet of space at Perennia’s Innovation Centre in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia where they will continue their research into other sustainable food sources like mealworms, sea cucumber, and seaweed.  In addition, Perennia will work with Dockside to:

  • Investigate opportunities to create sustainable fisheries for use in pet product manufacturing, thereby reducing strain on local marine life;
  • Research plant- and insect-based preservatives to improve the shelf life of pet food products in a sustainable and natural way; and,
  • Expand the number of direct relationships Dockside has with local farmers, fishermen, and fish processors, such as those involved in the pollock fishery.

“I am very pleased with the results of this partnership so far and even more excited about its potential,” says Mark Warren, Chairman & CEO of Dockside.  “The Perennia team, under the leadership of Jo Ann Fewer, have been tremendous to work with, creating a truly innovative range of pet food products offering exceptional nutrition with minimal if not positive environmental impact.  I believe we have only scratched the surface of what this partnership could do to bolster the environmental sustainability of both the North American pet industry and Nova Scotia’s fishing and agricultural sector, and am looking forward to sharing new developments as they unfold.”

Pet food products account for nearly 40 percent of annual pet owner spending and over $23 billion spent in the United States last year, according to the American Pet Products Association, which publishes the industry’s most comprehensive report on pet ownership and purchasing habits.  However, the trend toward “human grade” pet food is putting that industry in increasing and unsustainable competition with the human food supply chain.

At the same time, North Americans waste up to 40 percent of all food produced, including 20 percent of produce and 11 percent of seafood during the farming and fishing stages, according to the US-based non-profit National Resources Defence Council.  By targeting these products, Dockside is able to rescue healthy food from going to waste, prevent the loss of water and energy resources that went into its production, reduce methane gas emissions from food decomposition, and create a sustainable food source for the growing pet population.

As a not-for-profit corporation that works to help Nova Scotia’s farmers, fishers, and food processors prosper, Perennia was a natural fit to assist Dockside on the research and development of its unique products.  Purchasing food that would otherwise go to waste helps local farmers and fishers get maximum value for their products while also improving the efficiency of Nova Scotia’s vibrant agricultural and marine industries.

“We are very excited about this new partnership and it is a win-win for our client and the local economy,” says Perennia CEO Jo Ann Fewer.  “Perennia has a number of tools to support product development, like the scientific and product development capacity at our Innovation Centre.  But, it is also our unique connection to farmers and harvesters that further enhances this partnership.  We can source local waste ingredients creating an additional revenue stream for local businesses at the same time as creating exciting new products with Dockside.”

Dockside anticipates its first line of sustainable pet treats, meal mixers, and meal toppers will be available for limited retail by Q1, 2017.  For more information about Dockside products please visit

About Dane Creek Capital Corp.

With over 30 years of experience in the pet industry and an extensive network of industry professionals, we offer valuable financial and management support to up-and-coming companies in the companion animal sector through selective, strategic investments.  Our investment horizon is long-term taking into account current trends and changes in pet owner demographics.  We are currently focused on opportunities in pet food products sourced from sustainable ingredients, alternative models for veterinary care, biotechnology, pet insurance, pet hotels, and pet-related technological applications for pet owners.  Dane Creek Capital Corp. is the sole shareholder of Dockside Pet Products and Services Inc.

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About Perennia

Perennia is a not-for-profit corporation with the mission to help farmers, fishers and food processors be prosperous and profitable.  We have a flexible business model that is a hybrid of funding from the Government of Nova Scotia with more than half our annual budget derived from consulting services and special projects.  Our services are grouped under three major areas: field services, quality and food safety and product development and commercialization.  We have a team of more than 30 specialists which makes us one of most comprehensive and wide-ranging teams focused on development of the food sector in the Atlantic region.

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